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Are you following The AIDS Memorial on Instagram?

If not, here's the link: The AIDS Memorial.

Many recipients of this email subscribed when they landed at Adam's Nest to purchase the AIDS Memorial T-Shirt. While the memorial shares stories of love, loss and remembrance, many followers have found it to be an outlet to share thanks to those that have fought and continue to fight for the community.  Since launching the tee at the end of January, through the generous support of its followers, we have raised over $3,000 for Housing Works and the tee has landed in 18 countries around the globe. 

The tee has been worn by Shirley Manson of Garbage; Karl J. Schmid a reporter for ABC in Los Angeles, who received worldwide coverage when he came out as HIV+ while wearing the tee, and Peter Staley; a personal hero.  Peter wrote:

"The AIDS Memorial is a profound work of activism in its own right. The AIDS crisis was allowed to happen because people and their government didn’t care that we were dying. Remembering those deaths is a beautiful corrective. It screams “they mattered.”  I’m one of the lucky few who made it through the plague years. The survivors witnessed another painful period of society turning away – people moving on – people forgetting, and younger generations clueless about our history and pain.  Projects like The AIDS Memorial brought that period to an end. Watching today’s millennials read and respond to the stories of our lost comrades has helped repair this old warrior’s heart. Thank you for remembering us.”  Peter Staley   [more about The AIDS Memorial]

#whatisrememberedlives #endAIDS #sciencenotstigma #silenceequalsdeath


Like many, I participated in the March For Our Lives a couple weeks ago.  The slogan "SHOOT LOADS NOT GUNS" was emblazoned on a variety of items following the Pulse shooting in Orlando and supports the efforts of Gays Against Guns.  We are well beyond Orlando, but the issue of gun control remains an issue of grave importance.  The need for sensible reform hit far too close to home when guests of my niece's Bat-Mitzvah had a relative days earlier shot down at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  In a period overflowing with difficult daily news, seeing the younger generation make noise and organize has provided some hope in making some progress on this difficult issue.  Let me say "enough is enough" and I will continue to support Gays Against Guns and ensure my vote supports those legislators who are pushing forward for serious reform.  
#gunreformnow #gaysagainstguns #neveragain #enoughisenough

Bears, pigs, and pussycats; oh my!

One of the artists featured at Adam's Nest is Brian Kenny.  Brian is someone I have collected for some time and we have collaborated in creating these animal graphic tees based on his Head Count series.  During the first summer at Adam's Nest we sent a few tees to the creative director at Christian Lacroix and were excited to see Brian collaborate on a capsule collection with the fashion house celebrating their 30th anniversary this past fall.  The pussycat is the only animal featured on a women's body and was created exclusively for Adam's Nest and it, as well as other items, benefits Planned Parenthood. [More about Brian!]

The 7 Words Banned At The CDC

Let's just say during the off-season I have managed to watch far too much news.  My state of mind is much calmer without the TV going non-stop at Adam's Nest.  One of the stories that popped up was a ban on 7 words at the CDC.  My friend Damon quickly reached out with an idea for a t-shirt and within hours we had a new tee online for sale supporting the ACLU.  This is just one item, out of many at Adam's Nest, that supports the American Civil Liberties Union; a national organization that works daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. [Supporting the ACLU]

Shit-house, shit-show, SHITHOLE!

People came into Adam's Nest all last summer asking for anti-Trump tees and my rote response was I did not want to sell anything featuring this particular POTUS.  In early January it was reported that the President referred to Haiti and African nations as "shithole countries" during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House.  “Last summer, he reportedly said all Haitians have AIDS — a slur that cuts deep in the Haitian American psyche.”
I have been regularly appalled at what spews forth from he who holds the position once referred to as “Leader of the Free World”.   When I saw my friend Kelly marching with this SHITHOLE graphic as a sign and the many responses she was getting from the post I reached out about putting it on a t-shirt.  This is the third graphic from Kelly and this one benefits the Indivisible Fund in its mission to cultivate and lift up a grassroots movement of local Indivisible groups to advance progressive values and policies.  [
Kelly Holohan Graphics]


This is Marla, my college roommate, and the woman behind the MarLa Studio jewelry collection.  Marla and I got to visit around New Years and have always enjoyed talking about the trials and tribulations of life.  We actually debated the "SHITHOLE" tee and she was leaning toward not producing it, though she changed her mind when she saw it executed.  Marla was of the mindset that in these times we really need more love; I couldn't agree more!

Recently, I was given a copy of Van Jones' "Beyond The Messy Truth", which discusses how America moves forward in these divisive times.  It was this book that inspired this tee.  It supports the Dream Corps and its #lovearmy campaign.  Founded by Van JonesLove Army is a network of people committed to revolutionary love. Together we stand up to hate, heal divides and envision a future that works for everyone. Through education, connection and action, we grow love + power.


One of the founding principles of Adam's Nest was to find a way of operating a business with "purpose", the business gives monthly to GLAAD and the Trevor Project and regularly supports a variety of causes and individuals throughout the year.  At year-end I review profitability and give additional funds to a variety of organizations, but within the business there are a number of items where 10% of the retail price is earmarked specifically for the following organizations: the Dream Corps, Indivisible Civics, the ACLU, the Ali Forney Center, Gays Against GunsGreenpeacePlanned Parenthood and Rainbow Railroad.  The items in this collection indicate the respective charity that they support.

Included in this collection is The AIDS Memorial T-shirt designed by artist Zach Grear and a collaborative effort between Adam's Nest and The AIDS Memorial on instagram.  Unlike the other items, 25% of the retail price from this t-shirt is being donated to Housing Works to support its fight for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS have access to quality housing, healthcare, HIV prevention, and treatment, among other lifesaving services.