Rauchhaus from Designimdorf - Incense Burner

Rauchhaus from Designimdorf - Incense Burner

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Smoke House in Beech. A real alternative to the often somewhat überkandidelten Smoker - with a very authentic background: The basic idea of the designer Jan Hartmann is that in rural Black Forest almost every old homestead a "smoke house" was just where durable over a wood fire in the fireplace and the famous ham have been done. Even more subtle flavors - namely a grade fine sandalwood - exude the included incense cones in this book thumbnail of designimdorf that very skillfully blends into any environment without intrusive paint or ornaments. The general public has realized that the smoke house designimdorf is a fine idea, and so the designer received the 2005 form Award for his creation. Pretty great success for a small house. Award form 2005.  Handcrafted in Germany

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