Pink Triangle Pin supporting the Ali Forney Center
Adam's Nest

Pink Triangle Pin supporting the Ali Forney Center

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Adam's Nest's Pink Triangle Pin.  

  • .75" x 2mm
  • Silver metal pin with hard enamel

More about the pink triangle from Wikipedia:

The pink triangle was one of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male prisoners who were sent there because of their homosexuality. Every prisoner had to wear a downward-pointing triangle on their jacket, the colour of which was to categorise them by "kind". Other colors identified Jewish people (two triangles superimposed as a yellow star), political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses, "anti-social" prisoners, and others the Nazis deemed undesirable. Pink and yellow triangles could be combined if a prisoner was deemed to be gay and Jewish.

Originally intended as a badge of shame, the pink triangle (often inverted from its Nazi usage) has been reclaimed as an international symbol of gay pride and the gay rights movement, and is second in popularity only to the rainbow flag.

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