This Year, More Fun Less Fear!

I have a lot of blog posts I want to write, being the shop opened four weeks ago on June 17th, and already so many tales to tell.  I have been too busy and too exhausted at day's end to write, but I can't even...  

Yet, another horrific attack on humanity. I cannot wrap my head around it, nor do I know what I can do to help. What I do know is that Provincetown offers so many a respite from the madness that seems to be everywhere these days. We need more empathy and kindness and love, it boggles the mind how we got to this moment in time. How does one live this year, more fun, less fear?

I unplugged when leaving New York, and do everything possible to avoid the rabbit hole that is the Facebook newsfeed, but one cannot avoid the clickbait that flows by: "GOP Passes 'Most Anti-LGBT Platform' in History", "Unarmed Black Man Shot"; "Mike Pence Has Led a Crusade Against Abortion Access and LGBT Rights"; "Starnes: Roger Ailes is our gun-toting, Bible-clinging culture war general"; "Small kids made to look on as ISIS throws ‘gay’ man off building and stone him to death"; that is merely a scintilla of the information stream we wade through. The headlines do not paint a pretty picture of us and our "humanity".

I know I am not alone in the mental gymnastics of trying to make sense of it all. I know how many of my friends and loved ones are as horrified as I am. I believe in my heart of hearts, we are all the same and my one hope is that anyone faced with a friend or relative who condones hate, or discrimination or anything aside from the notion of live and let live and do unto others speaks up and confronts them.