There is no shame in nudity!

Until you've spent time running a queer, sex positive business you are likely unaware of the censorship and homophobia that is baked into the algorithms.  We feel we've got a front row seat to where social media, censorship, and puritanical values meet head to head.

ptown beach trevor wayne nude dude 6 pin

The beauty of Shopify is its easy integration into various social media platforms. Yesterday we received the 6th in a series of Nude Dude pins from Trevor Wayne.  No sooner did we make the product live, did we receive an alert from Facebook. We're unable to tag this product as it has been deemed adult; "listings may not promote the buying, selling, or use of adult products", but you can view all six of these pins on our site.  There is no shame in nudity and a naked body in and of itself is NOT adult.

trevor wayne nude dude pins