The Love of Hair: Hairy by Robert Greene at Adam's Nest

One of the joys of Provincetown being an LGBTQ haven are meeting its many visitors from around the globe. So many are regular visitors that you get these new friendships and know when to expect peoples' arrival each season.

Robert Greene is someone we met during our first season; we recall the hand painted lemon t-shirt he was wearing.

robert greene and adam singer at Adam's Nest Provincetown

Robert's bio from Robert Miller Gallery speaks to his storied career. Represented by Robert Miller Gallery for over twenty-five years. He received his Bachelors of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, and studied visual and performing arts at Syracuse University. The artist was commissioned by Chanel to produce site-specific works for their New York and Los Angeles stores as well as Chanel boutiques worldwide. In 1996, he was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Bureau Museum in Amsterdam. He was also included in the 1987 Whitney Biennial. Greene’s works are represented in numerous public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

We've spent countless Teas together at the Boatslip with his husband Doug over the last seven seasons and learned about Robert's love of the hirsute.  At some point we learned that the book "Hairy" that we were gifted by friends was by Robert and featured his photography.

Robert Greene book titled Hairy

The publisher's description reads:

Painterly rhythms have seeped their way into Robert Greene’s world of photography in Hairy, a collection of Greene’s images taken over many years, in many places, of many dogs, and many hairy men. An undercurrent of über-masculinity and its sexiness is revealed, yet not in the familiar form of muscular, hard-jawed, clean-cut youth. Instead, Greene celebrates a more restrained and naturalistic virility.

Greene’s photographic eye is full of adoration for his subjects and their environments. There is a very intimate, personal feeling here; one not posed, but observed and captured. Greene shifts from long-range portraiture, to close-up shots where specific textures, shapes, and tones become the subject of the image. This abstraction weaves a visual spell, such that even those without a predilection for hirsute men will be enthralled. The photographs provide the space for longing, imagination, and adventure. Hairy is an unusually quintessential book—portraying an incredibly focused and fleshed-out vision of a very beautiful, hairy world where man, dog, and nature swirl together.

When we learned that Robert had original prints of photos featured in the book we thought it would be great to show them in store in Provincetown and at our Pop-up Shop at Hôtel Gaythering's Art Gaysel in December in Miami Beach.

Below find a gif featuring the images we have for sale.


We will have the photographs in store in Provincetown for Spooky Bear Weekend and they are available online.