Supporting Gays Against Guns

We've had our "SHOOT LOADS NOT GUNS" orange t-shirt in the window in Provincetown and have watched people take photos and chuckle throughout the day, we are now awaiting our next shipment of tees, but even with COVID supply chain issues we've managed to restock some hats.

Shoot loads not guns snapback hats

We have found in the shop that a lot of people have stopped watching the news because it is just so bad. On gun reform it is worth pointing to the recent new laws in Texas. On September first, in addition to the new abortion restrictions, "a new law went into effect in Texas. House Bill 1927 permits people to carry handguns without a permit, unless they have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence. This measure was not popular in the state. Fifty-nine percent of Texans—including law enforcement officers—opposed it. But 56% of Republicans supported it. “I don’t know what it’s a solution to,” James McLaughlin, executive director of the Texas Police Chiefs Association, said to Heidi Pérez-Moreno of the Texas Tribune when Republican governor Greg Abbott signed the bill in mid-August. “I don’t know what the problem was to start with.” Texas Gun Rights executive director Chris McNutt had a different view. He said in a statement: “Texas is finally a pro-gun state despite years of foot-dragging, roadblocks, and excuses from the spineless political class.”

"Taken together with the vigilantism running wild in school board meetings and attacks on election officials, the Texas legislation is a top red flag in the red flag factory. The Republican Party is empowering vigilantes to enforce their beliefs against their neighbors,” writes Heather Cox Richardson

gun reform now shoot loads not guns tees and hats

We feel it’s well beyond time for sensible gun reform laws in this country. Our hats and tees with both the "gun reform now" and "shoot loads not guns" messages support Gays Against Guns and the fight for sensible gun reform laws.

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