Adam's Nest opened in 2016, four days after the shooting at Pulse in Orlando.  In our on brand way we decided we would sell items with the phrase "SHOOT LOADS NOT GUNS" in support of Gays Against Guns.  We were thrilled to see Womencraftsinvolvement with the organization by leading the Provincetown chapter.  Over the course of our summers we have met many "gun lovers" and do not hesitate to discuss gun control and regularly question whether they believe everyone should have access to high capacity automatic weapons.  More often than not we agree and then proceed to say then there is agreement on a need for reform.

derrick woods-morrow adam singer shoot loads not guns

As we are in the throes of season 7 and stocking up for our web business we thought it was a perfect time to add to our offer that donates 10% of profits to Gays Against Guns.  In order to ensure that the cheeky message "SHOOT LOADS NOT GUNS" makes its point known, we've added "GUN REFORM NOW" on the back of the tee.  We are offering this new tee strictly in the color orange, as it is the color for gun violence awareness and is the perfect tee for "wear orange" events in support of gun reform.

shoot loads not guns & gun reform now orange tee shirt

Many people visit our Provincetown location and are disappointed in the later months of the season to find we are sold out in tanks and sleeveless tees.  We are happy to share that as we stock up to fulfill web orders from Provincetown, you can now purchase these items year round.

shoot loads not guns tank and sleeveless tee

In order to provide options for participation in #wearorange events we have added orange in our dad twill hat and are also getting restocked in our blaze orange / mossy oak snapback.  Here's Ben from earlier this season enjoying his lobster roll sporting this eye-catching "shoot loads not guns" snapback.

ben with lobster roll in shoot loads not guns hat