Palm Springs Pride Weekend

The universe works in mysterious ways.  We did a Palm Springs trip last spring to visit our friend, also our jewelry designer, Marla, and visited Mojave Flea Trading Post as we were checking out retail shops around town.  This summer we met the owner of PS Bottle Shop in our Provincetown location.

PS Bottle Shop is a specialty foods and beer & wine market located at 383 N Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California, inside the Mojave Flea Trading Post. They have selected a line of products created, developed, and owned by Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

We were thrilled when they asked if Adam's Nest would like to be part of the offer.  Just in time for Palm Springs Pride weekend you can find a small offer from our Pride collection and some of our sexy postcard collaborations with Naro Pinosa.