Our unabridged about us!

The animus directed at the business daily by those less loving and compassionate is mind-numbing, bewildering, and often times a bit scary.  As we're busy deleting hateful comments and messages across social media and our in boxes, we felt it was an apt moment to reiterate our full and unabridged original "about us".

Politically engaged, socially conscious, spiritually connected, a bit naughty, queer & visible. Art, apparel, jewelry, whatnot! We have been called warm, inviting, and a bit naughty; we would concur. We call Provincetown our happy place.

We march to our own beat. We believe in love, equality, justice, and freedom. We live by the "golden rule" and we aim to espouse this in everything that we do. Live and let live is the idea we hold in the highest regard. We aspire to be the change.

Adam Singer at Adam's Nest Provincetown

One of the founding principles of Adam's Nest was operating a business with "purpose", the business gives monthly to GLAAD and regularly supports a variety of causes and individuals throughout the year. Within the business there are a number of items where 10% of proceeds is earmarked specifically for the following organizations: the Dream Corps, the ACLU, the Ali Forney Center, The Audre Lorde Project, Gays Against Guns, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, RAICES, Rainbow Railroad and the Trevor Project; to name just a few. The items in our "GIVES BACK" collection indicate the respective charities that they support. Through summer 2022 the business has donated over $80,000 to various charities since its founding.

Many shoppers have found Adam’s Nest through our work with The AIDS Memorial on instagram which began in January of 2018. We currently have two different t-shirts to help bring attention to The AIDS Memorial. The first launched in January 2018 was designed by artist Zach Grear, The second t-shirt launched in January 2019 and was designed by artist Hugh Elliott. Supporters of The AIDS Memorial have shown up around the globe.  To date we have shipped nearly 3,000 t-shirts to 19 countries around the globe.

We are a NGLCC certified LGBT Business Enterprise. We support queer artists and show original works alongside collaborations. We are sex-positive; queer youth need sex education too.

Did you know there's a once a day pill you can take to remain HIV negative.  The pill is called Truvada and the protocol is called PrEP, short for pre-exposure prophylaxis.  You can learn more about it here:  PrEP for Sex. Know your status, get tested, change stigma. More fun less fear!  Data over dogma, facts not fear, evidence over emotions, science not stigma; undetectable equals untransmittable.

Our Provincetown retail location operates seasonally from Memorial Day weekend through Halloween. Hours vary during the season. We also operate a pop-up shop at Hôtel Gaythering's Art Gaysel during Art Basel in December and intermittently during the winter, though you will find merchandise in their lobby shop year round.

Founded by Adam Singer 2016 ✌🏼💜🦄🏳️‍🌈