Oh you have blue eyes . . .

On my 49th birthday I told my special guy that this year would be different.  I think saying it out loud and to another person forced me to follow through on that promise to myself.  People tend not to move easily out of their comfort zones and I am no different.  While I have managed an escape from the zone from time to time, it is not my natural default. 

This has been a year where politics and so many other things have really impacted my general demeanor and outlook.  As mentioned previously I unplugged upon arrival to Provincetown and am grateful I made that choice.  There was a particular slogan that had been with me for about ten years that I had printed on a t-shirt; “this year, more fun less fear!”   It’s been a treat to share that slogan and see how it is resonating with so many people I have met over the last few weeks.

On Saturday, July 16th I awoke with that percolating cold feeling and was determined to keep it at bay.  I slipped on my light blue “this year, more fun less fear” t-shirt and headed to the natural food store with hot water and lemon, to get a couple of fresh ginger shots.  I stepped into the store and in front of me was Roberta, dressed in head to toe light blue with clear blue eyes.  Roberta commented on my t-shirt and its slogan.  As I took the sight in, I realized we were both head-to-toe shades of blue and I told her she must stop by Adam’s Nest as I wanted to give her a t-shirt as she admired the message and I knew that the light blue t would make her eyes sparkle. 

Roberta and I chatted about her visit, my opening a shop, and my history at FCUK.  As we discussed “fuck”, she mentioned a clip I must check out from Monty Python regarding the “F” word.  I vowed to check it out and told her she must pop by and get her t-shirt.

I walked back to the shop with the hot ginger-lemon water working its magic and when I arrived at the store an older man who appeared as if he’d stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting; jeans, a khaki t-shirt and suspenders, was hovering by the store.  As I got my keys sorted I remarked on his silver hair and bright blue eyes.  I asked him, “if I gave you a t-shirt, would you wear it?” to which he replied yes, and when I asked what size he said, “extra-large”.  I grabbed the t-shirt and handed it to him, and explained that I wanted to take a picture with him.  Something about him seemed super quiet and unusual, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  As I’m taking the picture his friend William comes up and says, “Stanley, we’ve been looking everywhere for you”.  It was clear then, that something was different about Stanley.  It turns out Stanley is fully present, but suffers from some dementia.

They were happy Stanley was in good hands and I retold the story.  While they were worried, they also knew they were in Provincetown and took some comfort in the safety most feel in this special town.  We took a picture together and they could not thank me enough.  They popped by the next day to speak further about Stanley, his wild days in Provincetown, and how they've been friends for years and have become Stanley's caretakers.  A day later I received an email containing a photo of Stanley in the t.

Shortly thereafter, a blue-eyed guy of the “gingerlicious” kind sat on the bench outside the shop.  We chatted and discussed my “gingerlicious” t-shirt in the works featuring Seth Fornea.  He had a chocolate lab puppy named Ally and his name was Doug.  I explained it was his lucky day and I was giving all the bright-blue eyes I came across today the light blue t, I asked his size and handed him a t-shirt, and the one requirement was a pic with the shirt on.  As we sat and chatted, lumbering along came a bull-mastiff.  As Ally and the new arrival made acquaintance we asked the dog’s name; “Doug”, so Doug met Doug!

A little more time passed and up walked the artist Robert Greene, just wanted to say hello before heading back to Brooklyn and I promised I would get in touch when back in Brooklyn so I could visit his studio.  Robert is not only a fine artist, but has been commissioned for many high-end retail projects so his work was surprisingly familiar when I looked online.  Robert had the most amazing hand painted lemon t-shirt on so I had to snap a pic.

As the day progressed and the tea hour passed, the shop got busy again.  In walked a couple attracted by the “I PUT OUT” t-shirt.  The woman shared, “My oldest son’s name is Adam, my name is Happy and that’s my husband Howie.  Howie was silver haired and bright blue eyed and he explained he had just lost 70 pounds and had just had a new grandchild.  As Howie had sparkly blue eyes he got a t-shirt as well. 

Saturday night brought forth a bevy of boys in speedos and I was formally introduced to Pokémon Go, still not sure what the fuss is about, but guess that’s my age.  I will say anytime cuties in speedos want to stop by and give me a lesson feel free.

The next day a young girl, around 11 was attracted by the SILENCE=DEATH t-shirt.  Her mother asked why that t, and her response was she liked it.  She too had stunning blue eyes so I handed her a “this year, more fun less fear” t-shirt and thanked them for explaining “SWARM” and ensuring I get listed.

Just another day in magical Provincetown…no doubt more ahead.