Nathan Rapport's P-town Butt Pirate!

Nathan Rapport created this graphic exclusively for Adam's Nest.  We wanted a Ptown graphic and threw out the idea "butt pirates" and love the resulting graphic.  

Nathan Rapport Butt Pirate Graphic T-shirt Adam's Nest Provincetown

We did a quick search for "butt pirate" on the web and found PANSY DIVISION's C.S.F, we couldn't be happier:  


I'm a cocksucking faggot, a flaming faggot
A fuck bunny, fruitcake, cum superdeli, homo
Uncle Walt, Auntie Mame, little sissy pansy
Fudge-packing butt pirate, drag queen, hairdresser
Interior decorator, pervert, pornographer
Sodomite, sex fiend, mincing, limpy-wrist
Scat-nosed poof prince, a resident of Castro
And president of the united states of love
Said president of the united states of love

If you ask me to dinner you'd better feed me
Honeydew, penne pasta, goat cheese, herbal tea
Some Perrier (so you say), some quiche lorraine (so you say)
Focaccia (so you say), radicchio (so you say)
If you don't watch out this bogeyman will get you
Ooooooooh, yeah
Ooooooooh, yeah
So you say!

Our Butt Pirate tee has been a hit and we look forward to sharing more of Nathan Rapport's work with our customers.

Adam's Nest Provincetown Nathan Rapport Butt Pirate T-shirt