Memorial Day Weekend and Baby Dykes in Provincetown

One of the unofficial launch events of "the season" in Provincetown happens Memorial Day Weekend.  2017 is the fourth summer I will be spending time in Provincetown and the second summer of Adam's Nest.  I have quickly become aware of the many groans around "baby dykes", "red solo cups", "lack of business" and the like, but as written in Wicked Local by Katy Ward, the "negative attitudes associated with young lesbian weekend, more commonly known as “lesbian spring break” or “baby dyke weekend,” are evolving.

As a new shop owner in P-town one is faced with determining how much to cater to the distinct group of people that arrives each week, as well as weighing opening dates of shops based on actual sales volume a location can generate.  While the demographics of each week's visitors' changes dramatically throughout the summer the one thing that is undeniable as you talk to visitors is why people come to Provincetown.  You will hear the refrain "no one gives a fuck" repeatedly and what is meant is that many come here to finally feel free to be their authentic selves without judgment from others.

I did not have high expectations for the weekend, given the grumbling I'd previously heard and knowing the temperatures do not guarantee beach weather this early in the season, but it was an extended weekend to be in Provincetown and work on having the shop ready to open in advance of 4th of July. 

I spent my weekend cleaning, painting, planting and placing orders for merchandise for the upcoming season, but I tried to address the oft-bemoaned baby dykes that were all about town.  Last year as I was opening and hanging t-shirts adorned with animal heads atop men's bodies, I had the pleasure of meeting Alli and Ilene of Roux and the minds behind Bride Pride.  They walked into my shop as I was hanging my t-shirt collaboration with Brian Kenny, took a look at all the animal/men graphics and asked if I had would have anything for women; my response was just give me time.

Brian Kenny Queer Artist Instagram Lion Graphic T
I immediately got in touch with Brian and he came up with what would end up being one of the top sellers of the season and the perfect icebreaker with the customers.  The Pink Pussy T-shirt was born and now benefits Planned Parenthood.  I spent 2016 with this t-shirt hanging from the open door and I cannot count how many times I called out to customers admiring it: "You like my pink pussy?"  The typical response was laughter and a smile
Brian Kenny Pink Pussy t-shirt Planned Parenthood Adam's Nest Provincetown
At Alli and Ilene's prompting I went about keeping my eyes open for other merchandise appropriate for the women and happened upon this great pin from Brusque Babe on Instagram that read "Eating Pussy Keeps Me Pretty".  I got in touch with her and we collaborated to put this graphic on t-shirts.  Seeing how many pins and t-shirts we sold Baby Dyke weekend I am confident I have another winner on hand.
Once season is in full swing it is very rare I am out of the shop for any period, as I am working to maximize the business during the short "high-season", but my friend Tyler convinced me to head to tea dance at the Boatslip.  I had not attended tea Memorial Day weekend previously and it was evident we were at Baby Dyke Tea.  Two bearded homos amongst a sea of baby dykes!
Adam Singer Tyler Boone Boatslip Tea Dance Provincetown
All things considered, i.e. minimal numbers of men, we had a great time.  Everyone can bemoan Baby Dyke Weekend, but I never fault people having a good time.  We met a bevy of baby dykes and had quite a laugh. One group hailed from Mount Holyoke and was sporting custom made bear and wolf sweatshirts, the perfect complement to my Pink Pussy t-shirt!
Baby Dyke Tea Dance Boatslip Provincetown Memorial Day
This group had us in stitches and as I shared my business card so they knew where to buy the pussy t, Mallory was quick to call me "The Adam Singer" and demanded an autograph and pictures.
I awoke the next morning with a text and pictures of Mallory outside Adam's Nest.  Later that afternoon another customer came in, drawn into the shop by the "Eating Pussy Makes Me Pretty" t-shirt and as I discussed my fun-time at tea, the great baby dykes we had met and complemented her on her wolf sweatshirt, she had enjoyed her evening with the same bunch and was quick to send a video to Mallory and crew.
Don't bemoan Memorial Day Weekend and baby dykes, just have fun!
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