Love is everything!

With February here we have "LOVE" on the mind.  Love of country, family, community, friends, and humanity are all tumbling in our head.  A few months back we recognized Jon Urguhart when he walked into the shop in Provincetown. He is a child of a deaf adult, ASL/English interpreter, educator, presenter, actor, and widely recognized "CEO of having Deaf parents." Jon gained his following on the popular app TikTok, where he advocates for the Deaf community and shares his experiences while interpreting and growing up with a DeafBlind parent.  If you're interested in learning ASL check out Jon's site Drunk Hands ASL

Jon urguhart in our ASL I Love You t-shirt

We created the graphic based on a vintage photo by Stanley Stellar, that we caught on his instagram feed, and when we met Jon in person we knew it was time to put this graphic into work and that Jon was the perfect person to help us launch this new tee.

stanley stellar photo of man wearing ASL i love you tee

If you're in New York City between now and February 19th, you can check out a show at Kapp Kapp called The Piers featuring Stanley Stellar's photographs.  The gallery is located at 86 Walker Street, 4th floor and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 12-6pm.

We are expecting to ship the t-shirt the end of February.