Hugh Elliott; on the wings of love!

Whisper it at nighttime,
Whisper it at noon,
Falsehood and injustice,
They shall vanish soon.
Bigotry shall perish,
War shall lose its charm,
Love shall on life’s waters
Pour its soothing balm.

Flying Heart Helping our women graphic

We began working with Hugh Elliott, pictured below, two years ago when we launched our second t-shirt to bring attention to The AIDS Memorial on Instagram.  Since that time, we launched a couple of other graphics. "There is no planet "B" was a phrase we shared with Hugh through a chat message and within minutes he forwarded a graphic design that we printed on tees and tanks supporting Greenpeace

As we anticipated the past summer during the pandemic and wanted to promote mask wearing we worked with Hugh and launched our "Mask for Mask" graphic supporting The AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod.  With the t-shirt's success and ongoing pandemic, we recolored the graphic for fall in military green.

One of the founding principles of Adam's Nest was to find a way of operating a business with "purpose".  We support many national organizations but have also chosen local organizations to support.  With your support we donated nearly $18,000 to a variety of charities and political campaigns in 2020.  We are excited to launch this new "flying heart" graphic in a variety of styles supporting Helping Our Women.  This is a preorder style that will ship in February and now is the ideal time to place your order and get the size and fit you want.  

"Helping Our Women educates, empowers and supports women in the towns of Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown who are living with chronic, disabling or life-threatening health conditions. We maintain an open-door policy to provide education and referrals to all community members.

We carry out our mission by providing direct services in three key areas: Transportation to healthcare appointments; Financial Assistance for women who qualify; and COMPASS programs promoting wellness and social engagement.

The core values of compassion, assistance and support that brought together the first group of volunteers remain the foundation on which the staff and leadership at Helping Our Women carries out our mission today."

flying heart tshirts supporting helping our women

With the inauguration this week we feel the collective sigh from around the globe.  We know there remains so much work to do, but we are thankful to turn the page and start anew with Biden and Harris at the helm.  The words of Amanda Gorman were truly inspirational:

"Somehow we weathered and witnessed⁣
A nation that isn't broken⁣
but simply unfinished⁣
There is always light⁣
if only we're brave enough to see it⁣
if only we're brave enough to be it."⁣