Celebrating 5 years with gratitude!

"Reach high for stars lie in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Pamela Vaull Starr

adam singer adams nest provincetown

Today we opened Facebook and were reminded that five years ago today we stepped out of our comfort zone and closed on the shop in Provincetown that would become Adam's Nest.  In all honesty; best decision ever!  To everyone we've met in the shop, and everyone that has shopped with us online, a heartfelt thank you for making it possible.  The past year has been a challenging one, but with everyone's support, it will be one for the history books. 

When we opened up our photos from that day, the pic of the shop was sitting there sandwiched in between the other two images.  Funny enough we mentioned The Big Leap during lunch with a friend in NYC last week.  We cannot recall when we first read Pamela Vaull Starr's quote, but it resonated so strongly that it is tattooed around our calf.  When you put it all together and combine with our popular, THIS YEAR MORE FUN LESS FEAR aphorism, it reminds us to live without fear and find joy.

emil cohen t-shirt supporting fair fight

The other thing that greeted us this morning, when we opened up instagram was a post featuring our "browner, queerer, witchier..." sticker.  From the West Village, NYC, NY: posted by @yonahwardgrossman, the post read: "Lefty electrical box. #artnyc #stickers #stickersart #art #nycstreetart #nycstickers #nycart #urbanart ".  Honestly the perfect start to the day.  We had just read two opposing views this morning about HR1 - For the People Act.  Being aware of all the legislation around the country trying to suppress the vote, following the historical turnout of the past election, makes our belief only stronger that serious change is needed unless we want to live under minority rule the balance of our lifetimes.  Our restock of the sticker and tee shirts supporting Fair Fight arrives this week.  A huge shout out to Emil Cohen, featured above, for his photography this winter that is featured in our campaigns this spring.

love revolution t-shirt supporting dream corps adam's nest provincetown

The headlines continue to highlight the many problems we have in the country.  As we read about the attacks on the Asian community, the continued attacks on voting rights, and the general demonization of "the other" in this country, we are reminded of a quote we heard recently; "you can choose revolutionary love or revolutionary hate"⁣. We are launching another graphic supporting the Dream Corps. Founded by Van Jones, the Dream Corps is "based on a simple but powerful idea: we can reshape “what’s possible” in the fields of social justice by focusing on solutions -- not silos."⁣

The Dream Corps aims to brings people together "to create a better future for all. We work to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity. While always acknowledging the “battle ground” issues that divide us, we focus on the “common ground’ solutions that unite us."⁣

more fun less fear t-shirt adam's nest provincetown

Believe in magic, and dream big!  We are eagerly awaiting our turn for vaccination and look forward to seeing many of you in Provincetown this summer. Stay safe and be well. A heartfelt thank you for making the dream a reality.