Black Trans Lives Matter by Paul Rizzo

Provincetown Artist Paul Rizzo was kind enough to offer his sign graphic for this "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER" tee shirt supporting the Audre Lorde Project. We are thrilled with how these t-shirts came out.



It is especially trying keeping abreast of current events, but we were reading this morning that: Biden "has committed to overturning every Trump administration rule that limits transgender rights, including tossing out its near-total ban on transgender troops serving in the military on “Day One.” Biden also has promised to reinstate Obama-era guidance for protecting transgender students that the Trump administration withdrew." That was a nice article to awake to during the waning days of this administration.  Staying in Provincetown this winter and we try to catch sunset each day and breathe as we await the final sunset on the unbearably long four year of this administration.

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