Andrew Sedgwick Guth at Adam's Nest

This will be our seventh season featuring the work of Andrew Sedgwick Guth at Adam's Nest. It has been terrific watching his work progress over the last several years and to develop a friendship that started with an introduction through instagram months before opening in 2016.

Andrew Sedgwick Guth and Adam Singer

Everyone is always awaiting his original portraits featuring some familiar faces, butts and jockstraps too, from the world of social media.  This season is no different and we have a number of new works for those who have yet to score one of these sought after original pieces.  We will be launching the new works Pride Weekend in Provincetown.

Andrew Sedgwick guth 2022 Adam's Nest

One thing we are particularly excited about is a new Provincetown graphic that we're calling our "Seamen" graphic, available in sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Seamen graphic at Adam's Nest by Andrew Sedgwick Guth

We always eagerly await the new works, wondering if we'll recognize any of the subjects.  This season we were able to name many of them, but one that is of particular interest was of another of our featured artists that has been collaborating with the shop since our first season: Brian Kenny.

Brian Kenny By Andrew Sedgwick Guth