Aleksandra Mir's - KEEP ABORTION LEGAL

In 2004 Aleksandra Mir created the "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL" graphic.   The graphic below can be downloaded by clicking on it.  A little about it's design In Aleksandra's words:


At the time of its creation and while I was living in NYC in the 90s there were these really loud anti abortion protests on the streets. Next to just being fucking annoying, shouting at anybody passing by on lunch break, they also used these massively blown up photographs of bodyparts in a mush of blood, to scare and shame people off abortion. But if you were a New York City art student you were probably so jaded that you only associated this whole aesthetic with bad B movie gore and laugh, unless you were thinking of having an abortion of course

Worse still was the fact that the Pro Choice side never had any adequate graphics to put up against this form of bad visual abuse, and as an artist I was more offended by the aesthetic strategy than the point it was trying to make, so I made up a design that I thought would mostly suit the rationale that a health service like Planned Parenthood provides, and mock the sentimentality around children at the same time

Clearly, both sides of the controversy wish for less abortions, but while the Pro Choice side proposes the safest alternative for the difficult life situation a woman might be in, the Pro Life movement nevers offers up any practical or tender solutions like sex education or support for struggling parents once these unwanted babies are born, but revel in hyperbole, false information and even go as far as murdering health workers. I wanted to counter this cynicism, in clean and plain type.

I used Helvetica, the most clean and neutral typeface I could think of, and picked a soft and calm pink and blue that brought my mind to sleeping babies at dusk or dawn. I initially thought it was a really quiet and relatively harmless proposal but it has proven more problematic than I could have imagined and it has mostly thrived underground. I originally put it on a series of cheap objects like nail files, sewing kits and lighters, items a woman would keep in her handbag but that also draws your mind to surgical devices, the kind that thrive and kill women during times of anti abortion rule. People have been flashing these items in bars and sharing them among friends

I also give the design away for free, I offer anyone to run with it and put it on anything, make money, exploit it to the fullest. Many people have attempted to use it but there have been more cancellations than actual uses so far, so a fairly good measure of where it stands.

Keep Abortion Legal graphic Aleksandra Mir

This blog post could offer a lot of rehashing of the history of this graphic, but given the election of 2016 and the recent appointments of conservative justices to the Supreme Court it is best we keep this brief and offer the link to Aleksandra's site for more specifics.  In January of 2016 the graphic was brought back to life in as a window installation at Printed Matter in NYC.


keep abortion legal printed matter nyc aleksandra mir

If you've ever driven through the state of Missouri and South Carolina and other conservative states you have seen the endless anti-abortion and "Jesus Saves" billboards flanking the road.  In 2017, with the help of an Indie Gogo campaign, the Sign Show installed Aleksandra Mir's work on Missouri billboards as cultural and political commentary.


"A viewpoint rarely - if ever - displayed in the Bible Belt.
The KEEP ABORTION LEGAL design is free for anyone to use
Past efforts to present the design have been censored
Mir's work in Missouri will counter right-wing ads and test free speech
We have a contract for June and July
I-70 is one of America's busiest roads especially in summer
At least 1 million people will see the KEEP ABORTION LEGAL billboard
Support public art that challenges the status quo!"
Keep Abortion legal billboard aleksandra mir
When we came across Alexksandra's work online and saw her bless anyone running with it, we felt it was the perfect graphic to add in the fight for choice.  We are offering the "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL" in both unisex and femme fit and directing 10% of profits from its sales to support the Brigid Alliance; from their website:


We get people to abortion care, whatever it takes.

For many Americans, the costs and logistical challenges of getting to an abortion provider are primary barriers to access, and it’s only getting harder. We book, coordinate and pay for travel, travel expenses, and child care, serving as a single, trusted point of contact for every step of the journey. Wherever someone needs to get to abortion care in the U.S., we find a way to get them there – through direct support and in collaboration with our network of partners.