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Saul Lyons

Saul Lyons is a fine artist living and creating in New York City, NY and New Hope, PA.  A graduate of Pitzer College, with a degree in Creative Writing and Performance Art, he spent several years writing and working with theater companies such as the Wooster Group, Mabou Mines and Highways Performance Space.  After finding interest in fashion, he spent over 10 years as a womenswear and fabric designer and several years teaching.  In the early 2000s, he expanded into digital fine art and formed partnerships with interior designers to work on artwork for hotels and residences and exhibited in gallery shows.  In 2015, he was inspired to express himself through painting.  Creating mostly figurative art, using all he learned about color and texture in the world of fashion, he generally works in Oil and Acrylic for paintings and Graphite for Drawings.

I've had my eye on Saul's work and really felt he had a certain knack for celebrating the bearded and hirsute.  I am excited to be showing a sampling of Saul's work in Provincetown. 

#queer #queerart #beardedgay #hairyscruffyhomo #ptownbears #bearweek365