PrEP: Proactive Responsible Empowered Pleasure

Adam's Nest is sex positive! Know your status. Get tested. Change stigma. 

Prior to becoming Adam's Nest there was a small business started called "offontheweb".  It began as a tumblr page described as a place: "for the love and lust of men... A place for prurient imagery, utterances, language, what-not, musings, and all else that strikes one's fancy to reside."  The idea was to be a sex-positive place to help spread the word about PrEP; otherwise known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, a daily pill approved by the FDA to prevent HIV infection and AIDS.

A friendship with Damon L Jacobs, founder of a group on facebook called  "PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex" lead to the creation of a number of "PrEP" t-shirts and cemented the importance of having a sex-positive vibe at Adam's Nest.  From time to time we find other PrEP related items and will share them here.

Damon wears many of our products when traveling around the county talking about PrEP.  One of the richest experiences in the Provincetown shop is explaining to people unaware about the existence of PrEP.  The other thing that happens are discussions with customers of a certain age how PrEP has really impacted them and their sexual activities.  For many sex has been an activity fraught with fear and they are now experiencing a completely different relationship with sex.  The fear cloud is slowly lifting and many are experiencing in middle age, for the first time, sex without fear.

Adam's Nest is sex positive! Know your status. Get tested. Change stigma.  Proactive, responsible, empowered, pleasure, PrEP.  Arm yourself against HIV, how you do so is a personal choice and there is no shame and nothing wrong with your decision, regardless of what it is. We love the Truvada whore shirt that was popping up a few years back, but as Damon mentioned whores get paid, so we felt the acronym he coined:  S.L.U.T. - sexually liberated using Truvada was a more apt moniker for those on the daily pill regimen.

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