Paul Rizzo

"Paul Rizzo is a painter and sketchbook filler who lives and works in Provincetown Massachusetts.  He works with and from 70s gay porn, portraiture, abstraction, houses and text.  His work is also about a nostalgia both for a time he lives in and a time he has not technically lived through.  He is obsessed with the past specifically old Hollywood and the 1970s.  A process painter, he loves getting lost in documenting and/or the making of art."

The preceding was taken from the Four Eleven Gallery site where one can view and purchase Paul's original artwork. During Summer 2020 we found ourselves standing with Paul a number of times during the monthly silent vigils for Justice and Peace held by Racial Justice Provincetown and we asked about using his "Black Trans Lives Matter" sign as a tee shirt graphic.  We are excited to launch this graphic supporting the Audre Lorde Project and look forward to additional collaborations.

#blacktranslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #wontbeerased #transrightsarehumanrights #audrelorde #audrelordeproject