Damon L. Jacobs

Damon L. Jacobs has worked as a marriage/family therapist in both New York and California since 1996. His years of helping couples led him to develop an effective and comprehensive framework for helping couples enhance joy, serenity, and pleasure in their relationships. His ideas combine psychological theories, spiritual perspectives, social justice, and the newer science of seismic retrofitting, in order to allow couples to create a unique and sustainable "structure" He currently maintains his private practice in Manhattan, New York.

Additionally, Damon is an outspoken advocate of PrEP, or as he coined the phrase, proactive, responsible, empowered, pleasure.  Damon created and currently moderates PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex, a facebook page devoted to sharing facts, research, education, and experiences about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention.  The page has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a great site to learn more about PrEP. 

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