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Bear Week in P-town

Bear Week in Provincetown is an eagerly anticipated week.  It tends to be one of the friendliest crowds of the season and brings bears from around the globe.  It is a welcoming crowd whether you identify as a bear, bear-chaser, or whatnot.  Every animal from foxes, otters, pigs and bears of all shapes and sizes; be they panda, polar, grizzly, cub can be found aplenty.  

At Adam's Nest we keep this crowd in mind and are happy to offer a bunch of items that speak to the bears.  We love Brian Kenny's Bear T from his Head Count Series and expect to continue to offer more from Brian in the future.  We also offer some exclusive postcards as a result of our collaboration with Spanish collage artist Naro Pinosa.  The postcards are available individually or as a set and also available framed.  Perfect gift idea or great way to place some bears on your wall,

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