Rainbow County: Stories for Bears, Daddies, and Leathermen by Jack Fritscher
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Rainbow County: Stories for Bears, Daddies, and Leathermen by Jack Fritscher

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RAINBOW COUNTY: STORIES FOR BEARS, DADDIES, AND LEATHERMEN. Readers will thrill to Fritscher's well-reviewed style and imagination. He is, writes the BAY AREA REPORTER, the author who invented the South-of-Market "leather" prose style and the butchest, funniest, best male-male magazines with special cult appeal to men who like men masculine. Critic MICHAEL BRONSKI has termed Fritscher's leather fiction as wonderfully "romantic." RAINBOW COUNTY crosses over from pure gay literature to the terrain of actual American literature. These highly diverse stories are blessed with wit, erotic ingenuity, poetic intelligence, and rough-and-tumble sex scenes. Fritscher does for writing what his lover Mapplethorpe did for photography: happily confuse the issues by making sex intelligent and therefore all the sexier. Geoff Mains, the author of URBAN ABORIGINALS, wrote in THE ADVOCATE, "Jack Fritscher writes wonderful books!" He's right. Fritscher is absolutely epicentric to gay literature. His stories and his style are what you've been wishing someone would write to turn on both your dick and your brain. You'll love the stories about soldiers, young men at summer camp, fathers and sons, rough trade, cowboys, swimmers, wrestlers, muscleguys who prefer men with ordinary bodies for sex, even some very sexy X-Files type science fiction!

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