Vintage Physique Pictorial

Bob Mizer (1922 - 1992) is considered by many the father of Physique Magazines.  Mizer founded a modeling agency for male body-builders in 1945 in Los Angles aptly called the “Athletic Model Guild” [ AMG ]. A self-taught photographer with a love of men and a keen eye, Mizer recruited and photographed the men.  Mizer carefully maintained each model’s vital statistics, their names and ages, and sold the photos by mail; using men’s magazines as his preferred means of advertising.  As his photography work continued he sought out a means to present the extensive catalog of photos and in 1951 presented them in a magazine format; thus began Physique Pictorial.
Physique Pictorial was the first of its kind and showcased a generation of male bodybuilders and pinups.  Some of the early men featured were Jack Lalanne, Little Joe D’Allesandro, Steve Hercules Reeves and Mickey Hargitay.  The magazine featured not only Mizer’s photography, but was also an avenue that showcased the art of George Quaintance, Tom of Finland and Art-Bob, to name a few.
We have managed to compile some vintage issues featuring cover art by Tom of Finland and hope that those on the hunt for missing issues may find these complete their collections.