Adam's Nest is thrilled to be working with Mike & Ross on their venture and we've curated a special assortment of our favorite items.  Here's what they've got to say about

There’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone else belongs and you don’t. It was that way in the high-school cafeteria on the first day, standing with your tray, looking around for someplace and someone to sit with. And it’s always that way in any new situation or place. The desire to connect with others isn’t a manifestation of insecurity, it is a primal need, driving you to find your tribe and take your place in it.

Well, you’ve found it. Ptownie is your tribe, and we want to welcome you to it. Whether you are a Native Townie, Washashore, Weekender, Summer Person, or Visitor…we want you to feel at home on this magic spit of land where the sun rises and sets over the ocean.

You need to know where to go, eat, shop, play, learn, and create so we’re passionate about giving you the inside scoop. Sign up for our emails and get a calendar of all our favorite things to do in town right on your phone.

When you can’t be here, ptownie provides a way for you to virtually stay connected to the community and shop for the things you love that can only be found here. When you buy “local” you’re helping our artists, artisans, and merchants thrive year ‘round.

Please join us,

Mike & Ross

Mike Miller and Ross Zachs Ptownie Shopping