Naro Pinosa: Collage Art, Exclusive Postcards, and T-shirts

Naro Pinosa hails from Alicante, Spain and truly proves the power of social media and technology.  We became aware of Naro Pinosa's collages when setting up a tumblr page a few years back and have been following his work for the past couple of years.  His instagram always delights, but he is regularly dealing with censorship and is now on his 14th account..

A brief message via Instagram resulted in collaborating with Adam's Nest.  Our first summer we launched an exclusive postcard set as well as our Provincetown Bear tee inspired by this collage artist's work.  Even though he speaks little English, a little use of google translate and paypal was able to help us seal the deal. 

We will regularly add new collage works to the assortment and have already added two boxed greeting card sets.