MarLa Studio - Jewelry Handmade in the USA

We are so excited to have Marla's work at Adam's Nest.  Our connection goes back to freshman year in college at Washington University.  It's been super sweet watching the universe work its magic for both of us and how our paths have come full circle.

Marla's own words:

"Where chance, love, dreams and prayers are cast in metal.  From the romance of ancient history, to the legends of New York's early punk rock scene, influences run wide:

In a moon-age daydream, I work as the Roman Empire crumbles, 'round the corner from Andy Warhol's Factory, exiled on Main street... in my Chicago studio.

Handmade in the USA.  I design, cut, hammer, rivet, etch & solder to create each piece. More than a labor, it's love.